About us

PR Hair have been set up as a business that offers great quality pure human hair. PR Hair has been operating and selling hair all over United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. We are proud to have a reputation for offering best quality, genuine Slavic human hair for sale to be used as hair extensions and wigs.We offer 100% real genuine human hair to be used as hair extensions and wigs. We source the finest quality natural hair from Europe and bring it to you at affordable prices. If you are already someone who enjoys hair extensions and are looking for a reliable UK supplier of human hair extensions, natural hair for wigs, you have come to the right place.

We work with a number of leading salons in UK and beyond and pride in our relationships with them and service we offer .

How we work

Our natural hair is collected from Europe from women of Slavic ethnicity. The hair is tied into a bundle/ponytail, washed to meet the highest hygiene standards and then shipped to the UK.Our hair is supplied in bulk in smaller quantities to enable individuals, salons and mobile hair extension specialists to purchase the hair on a buy as needed basis. All our natural hair is single drawn. We have a selection of virgin, uncoloured natural hair, or coloured natural hair, both of high quality. We offer a personalised service anywhere in UK.

*If a customer buys 1kg of hair or more, we will deliver free anywhere in UK. That way a customer has a personal service from our representative.

**If you are based in London or just outside, we will personally deliver free if 0.5kg or more of hair is bought. You can also visit our premises on smaller quantities or see the full selection of hair.